There is only one God, one body of God, one geometry of divinity, one divine energy that expresses itself as Father, Mother, Christ and Holy Spirit.

We are Adepts in the Making.

This divine seed-potential is locked within each of us. It unfolds and grows as we make the choices through our free will personality that allow our soul to draw closer to our divine self. Step by step, we become adepts. We assimilate the consciousness Christ. We anchor the full dominion of Sons and Daughters of God. We receive the twelve gifts of the Holy Spirit and become masters of life, light, truth and love. We fulfill our reason for being and become permanent atoms in the body of God. We ascend home to the original state of divine oneness that our souls knew before our descent into matter, free at last from the rounds of rebirth.

Many beings have walked this path before us. They are our brothers and sisters of light who have ascended into the heavens, into higher realms of consciousness and service. These ascended masters point the way home for us to follow. They are as close to us as our very breath. It is only a matter of attuning our consciousness.

These masters and heavenly beings are as innumerable as the stars. A finite number, however, specifically serve the souls on earth. They have given us their names so that we may call upon them. When we do so, they are able to intercede in our lives and help us resolve challenges, put on more of our spiritual nature and become candidates for the ascension.




More About Ascended Masters, Psychic Impostors and UFOs

The ascended masters live in the etheric plane. They communicate through the Christ plane and the Buddhic plane—the higher levels of the heaven-world. They commune with mankind by the agency of the Holy Spirit, the comforter Jesus promised to his disciples.

Throughout mankind's history, the ascended masters have “walked and talked” with saints, prophets, messengers and also children who expressed a high level of spiritual self-mastery, holiness, goodwill, innocence, purity, love and dedication to the light.

The ascended masters connect with us through the threefold flame of our own divinity, anchored within the heart. They help usher our soul into the mystical portal known as the secret chamber of the heart.

The more we strive to attune to our own higher self—or Holy Christ Self—the more we hear the promptings and directions of the masters. Our Holy Christ Self speaks to us through that “still, small voice” of conscience, experienced by saints and mystics in every age. The more we become one with our Holy Christ Self, the more we sit under our own vine and fig tree and express the qualities of our I AM Presence and Causal Body of Light.

Sadly, there are many psychic impostors of the ascended masters who reside on the astral plane. These impostors are discarnate entities who communicate with oftentimes well-meaning psychics and mediums. These entities do not vibrate at, or operate from, the level of the heaven world and Christ consciousness, even though they pretend to do so. Many even take on the names of genuine masters in the heaven world, like Maitreya, Saint Germain, Alpha and Omega. They also call themselves founders, the Brotherhood of Light, of Sirius and so forth. The entities read mankind's thoughts and desires that register in the auric field, communicate with other entities, and then they tell people what they long to hear. They dictate messages from the astral plane, and then actually syphon off the light energy of the chakras of those who partake in their messages, giving listeners a psychic buzz.

Messages from false hierarchy stand-ins for the ascended masters tend to be flattering and comforting to the human consciousness. They tell us we are beings of great light, that we are loved as we are, and that we do not have to transcend our human consciousness.

There all also many beings in UFOs who masquerade as ascended masters, or who purport to give messages for the ascended masters. UFOs weave in and out of the physical and astral planes, and harbor an either subtle or heavily psychic vibration. They fascinate us with intricate crop circles and light displays that may hold a message of light but do not carry a vibration of holiness.

The ascended masters work with our soul on inner levels, and in the etheric retreats of light when our bodies sleep at night. They do not need spaceships to come and see us.

As lightbearers, we must not be duped into giving our energy to beings who are not of the light, even though they claim to assist humanity. We are already endowed with a divine spark. As we place our attention and nurture that divine spark through our spiritual dedication, we come into deeper contact with our own higher self and with the ascended masters who are one in Christ with that divine spark.


Navigating this Website

On this website, we identify ascended masters that genuinely reside in the etheric octaves of light and that work with lightbearers on earth. Many of these ascended masters and avatars incarnated on earth at one time or another, as far back as ancient civilizations no longer recorded. Also indexed are masters, angels and elohim who never physically incarnated, yet still assist earth's evolutions. These include great beings of light from other worlds like the God-star Sirius, the Pleiades, the violet planet and Venus, our own twin star.

Each of these ascended masters are listed with their twin flame whenever possible, according to the heavenly offices that they occupy. On the page “spiritual help,” we list some of the common challenges that people experience and the specific masters who can help address and overcome those concerns. On the page, “my ascension,” we describe the process of reunion with God.

You will also find some exciting links that will allow you to explore the etheric retreats, and several pages that feature people who ascended in the last hundred years, and how they described this event. Many of these were devotees of the violet flame who made their ascension through The Summit Lighthouse and the I AM Movement. Their example shows us that our spiritual victory is not beyond reach, and that like them, we can follow the footprints left by adepts in the sands of time.

We extend our gratitude to Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, for bringing forth much of this teaching with the help of Annice Booth, as well as to Guy and Edna Ballard, H.P. Blavatsky, Geoffrey Hodson, Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, Nicholas and Helena Roerich, and Paramahansa Yogananda in their pioneering spiritual work with ascended and unascended masters.

Read more about Elizabeth Clare Prophet here.




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Ascended Master Index Includes:

Alpha and Omega
Helios and Vesta
Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Alexander Gaylord
Amen Bey
Clara Louise
Cardinal Bonzano
Brotherhood of Mount Shasta
Cha Ara
Daniel and Nada Rayborn
David Lloyd
Dwal Kul
Fun Wey
John the Beloved
Lady Master Kristine
Maria Montessori
Saint Therese of Lisieux
“ Two men who stood by in white apparel”
Unknown Master of the Himalayas
Master of Paris
Nicholas Roerich
Padre Pio
Saint Patrick
Phylos the Tibetan
Ra Mu
Ray O Light
Rose of Light
El Morya
Paul the Venetian
Lord Lanto
Serapis Bey
Saint Germain
Lady Master Nada
r Maha Chohan
Four and Twenty Elders
†Fourteen Ascended Masters who Govern the Destiny of America
The Mighty Blue Eagle
Nameless One from out the Great Central Sun
Solar Logoi

Sponsors of Youth

r Mighty Victory
Sanat Kumara
Lady Master Venus
Seven Holy Kumaras
Hierarchies of the Pleiades
Peace and Aloha
Cyclopea and Virginia
Heros and Amora
Hercules and Amazonia
Purity and Astrea
Apollo and Lumina
Arcturus and Victoria
Elohim of the Five Secret Rays
Archangel Michael and Faith
Archangel Jofiel and Christine
Archangel Chamuel and Charity
Archangel Gabriel and Hope
Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
Archangel Uriel and Aurora
Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
Archangel Uzziel
Mighty Angel Clothed with a Cloud
Angel Deva of the Jade Temple
Listening Angel
Angel of Gethsemane
Angel of Listening Grace
Angel of Peace
Angel of the Agony
Angel of the Cosmic Cross of White Fire
Angel of the Resurrection
Angel of the Revelation
Micah, Angel of Unity
Angel who Rolled Away the Stone
Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands
Listening Angel
r Amogassidhi
Buddha of the Ruby Ray
Gautama Buddha
Lord Maitreya
Mother of the World
Padma Sambhava
Spirit of Christmas
Sri Magra
Cosmic Beings Faith, Hope and Charity
Cosmic Being Out of the Great Silence
Mighty Cosmos
Great Silent Watchers
Cosmic Being Harmony
Keeper of the Scrolls
Spirit of Selflessness
Spirit of the Resurrection
Sponsors of Youth
Queen of Light
Snow King and Snow Queen
Amaryllis, Goddess of Spring
Amerisis, Goddess of Light
Goddess of Freedom
Goddess of Beauty
God and Goddess Meru
Portia, Goddess of Justice and Goddess of Opportunity
Goddess of Liberty
Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy
Goddess of Peace
Goddess of Purity
Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth
Theosophia Goddess of Wisdom
Godfre, God Obedience
God Mercury Hermes Trismegistus
God of Gold
God of Nature
God of the Swiss Alps
God Tabor
Lord Ling God of Happiness
Vulcan God of Fire
Tara the White Goddess
Great Divine Director
Aries and Thor
Virgo and Pelleur
Neptune and Luara
Oromasis and Diana
Vaivasvata Manu
Legions of Mercury
Lords of Individuality
Lords of Wisdom
Lords of Form
Lords of Mind
Babaji and the unascended masters of the Himalayas
Guru Ma



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